Commerce Wellness – November 2022

October 28, 2022

This month, PEHP wants you to focus on being healthy and staying active during the holiday season.

November Wellness Challenge – Healthy Holidays – Maintain, Don’t Gain

Healthy Holidays – Maintain Don’t Gain starts the week before Thanksgiving on November 14. During this eight week challenge, you will learn how to enjoy the holidays in a healthy way. You will receive tips and resources to help you eat healthy and stay active during the holiday season.

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November Workout Warrior – Sit Less, Move More

Sitting at a desk all day takes a toll on our bodies. Learn some helpful ways to increase your movement at your desk.

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November Online Course – Diabetes and You

This diabetes management class is a four week course beginning November 14. The goal of the course is to teach you the tools you need to create healthy habits.

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