The Division of Professional Licensing hires more than a dozen people in August

September 8, 2022

The Division of Professional Licensing has hired more than a dozen employees in the last month (13, to be exact). We are hopeful these hires will help us more efficiently and effectively serve licensees and the public as well as lighten the heavy workload placed on DOPL employees while management worked to fill these positions. If you see an unfamiliar face in the Heber M Wells building, be sure to introduce yourself!

Fun fact: Did you know you can reserve a work space in St. George to work in for the day? And it doesn’t cost you anything. The Division of Professional Licensing has an office for investigators working in St. George. Their current and new office (they’ll be moving into a new space in November) both have several empty work stations available to any Commerce employee. So if you find yourself in St. George for work, a conference, etc. and need a place to send emails for the day, be sure to email to check desk availability and request security access.