Commerce Building Announcements

March 4, 2022

With more Commerce employees transitioning to an in-person work schedule, we want to remind you about the opportunities for you to enjoy lunch with your colleagues in neighboring divisions – as well as review the new guidelines implemented for office cleaning. 

At Commerce, we recognize the value of building relationships that lead to partnerships and trust. Making the Herbert Conference Room on the 2nd floor available to employees during their lunch break can help foster those connections.

With plenty of room and amenities to sit back and enjoy your lunch – this is the perfect opportunity to continue building a strong #onecommerce team.  

Occasionally when a meeting is scheduled in the Herbert Conference Room during the lunch hour, a sign will be placed outside the room indicating that the conference room is not available for use. In this case, employees can eat lunch at designated division areas or other conference rooms that are not in use.

New cleaning guidelines have been put into place for the office cleaning staff in the Department of Commerce building. The following changes have been made:

  • Closed office door – the cleaning team will leave that office alone and skip the office if they are dusting during the day. If the employee wants to have their trash taken out, they will need to leave it outside their office for the cleaning team to empty it.   
  • Open office door – the cleaning team may go into the office to empty the trash and vacuum. If the cleaning team is dusting during the day and the employee is in the office – they will get employee approval before entering to dust. If the door is open and no one is in the office – the cleaning team may go into the office and dust without asking permission.

If you have any further questions or concerns – please contact your supervisor for any additional information.