Employee Spotlight

February 28, 2022

Esther J Recksiek
Utah Division of Consumer Protection

Esther is a Program and Compliance Specialist for the Division of Consumer Protection which means she primarily works with registering charitable organizations, professional fundraising companies, and transportation network companies. She also has some additional responsibilities at the division.

She says she likes working for the Division of Consumer Protection because its focused on serving and protecting the public. Since 2014, when she first began her employment, her appreciation for the benefits of and the need for these services has grown. “I love that I have a job that is meaningfully assisting and protecting individuals and organizations.”

As lifelong Utahn, Esther was born in Salt Lake City and raised in Layton. She was the youngest of seven children, when, at the age of eleven, her parents decided to adopt. The then governor issued a plea from Family Services for families to consider adopting needy children. In response, her parents adopted a sibling group of seven children (18 months to eight years of age). Then, a few years later, they adopted another eight-year-old girl. She said “I’m truly the middle child of fifteen siblings. Currently, I have 37 wonderful, fun, yet challenging nieces and nephews! We have such big (and noisy) family gatherings!”

She received her BA in History from Southern Virginia University. After graduation, she served a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Berlin, Germany. She then worked at Deseret Book as a supervisor in the Layton and downtown SLC stores before working at Consumer Protection. She received an MBA from Western Governors University in 2015.

An interesting thing about Esther is that she started a portrait photography business last year, Esther Recksiek Photography (estherrecksiekphotography.com) which has been very challenging and rewarding. She enjoys travel and have a couple of international trips planned for this coming year (Switzerland and a cruise to France and Spain). She also enjoys reading, the outdoors, fine art, cross-stitch, and Japanese kumihimo beading. She is unmarried and currently lives with her parents helping them with three of her adopted siblings who are intellectually disabled.