Division Updates

February 23, 2022

Office of Consumer Services
OCS represents irrigation customers of Rocky Mountain Power, as part of their responsibilities to advocate for residential and small commercial customers of public utilities. These customers formerly had an active “pumpers committee” to coordinate on many issues, but have not had an active organization in many years. OCS is currently partnering with the Utah Farm Bureau to reach out to the irrigation customers and assist them in rebuilding a more formal organization. The goals are for this pumper organization to provide input and assist the OCS in its advocacy as well as to facilitate more focused communication with these irrigation customers about utility rates and programs.

Also, I recently participated in a video with AARP and Dominion Energy in which we provide customers with tips to manage this winter’s higher natural gas bills.

Dominion Energy & Utah’s Office of Consumer Services Share Information on how to Manage Heating Bills This Winter (aarp.org)

Division of Real Estate

During the current legislative session, the Division of Real Estate ran a cleanup bill, HB69. Most of the changes in HB69 stem from Governor Cox’s Executive Order to reduce regulation. The proposed changes received no opposition and will be sent to the Governor for his signature. The Division is also preparing for our annual CARAVAN this spring. CARAVAN is an educational event where we travel to nine locations around the state and present to licensees on statute and administrative rule changes, current issues, trends, and enforcement cases. Because of COVID we had to cancel CARAVAN in 2020 and 2021. We are excited to get back out and speak to the public in person.